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Attention to detail, good design, quality materials, craftsmanship and pride all contribute to a home of distinction. Our finish carpentry and custom cabinetry creates warm, refined and uncluttered living spaces.

We offer design, consultation, construction and installation services. After reviewing your requirements we will present you with alternatives that will examine several solutions to meet your needs. Cost estimates can be discussed that reflect different materials and approaches. If blueprint drawings and engineering approvals are needed,we can arrange for these to be created. If you need other skills (electricians, plumbers, masons...) we can reccommend top-of-the-line people that have been involved in high quality construction in Watch Hill, Wickford, North and South Kingstown, Block Island and Newport.

Contracts typically are detailed so that as best we can we will enumerate what we intend to do and what materials we will use. You should have a good understanding of the details of your project so that you will be in a position to evaluate different contractors. This is a benefit to you and to us. We are confidant that when you compare us on a line by line basis you will be pleased with our proposal.

References: We will provide them and if you wish we can arrange site visits to some former work sites. PLEASE contact the references that we provide.

Enjoy our web site and examine the work we do: the interior construction techniques, cabinets we've made and the custom interior molding we have created and installed.